Monday, April 16, 2012



Dah setahun lebih aku masuk rumah baru..

Dah sebulan aku tak berkaca mata..mata aku kembali terang benderang tanpa bantuan pernafasan..lega dapat lihat dengan jelas semula..owh tuhan..

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Salam...tudia setahun tak tulis apa..nak kata sibuk Orang lain pon sibuk kan
nak start tulis benda alah ni pulak lah

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Dirty Tricks!

Walaupon tak elok nak sambut April Fool segala, aku ambik jugak sikit kesempatan nak menceriakan keadaan..saja nak buat hoohaa dekat office..Aku hantaq email satu office dari orang pangkat bawah sampaila ke pangkat atas..saksikan..kekeke..oso ada email replied by aku punya top head..Semua pakat blurr mai tempat aku tanya.." Hang last ka rini????"....Baca email dari bawah naik atas..

From: Laxx xxxxxxalo
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2011 3:08 PM
To: Asxxx xxxx xxxry
Cc: Txxx Txx Cxxx
Subject: RE: Thank You & Bye Bye Everyone~!

Dear Asrul,

I take this as your written resignation letter. Thank you for the past achievements and good work!

All the best for your future endeavors!

Best regards,


PS. Have a good fool’s day too!

From: Axxxx Sxxx xxxry
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2011 3:04 PM
To: Axxxx Sxxx xxxry
Subject: Thank You & Bye Bye Everyone~!

Dear All,

Thank you for all the support and guidance given to me throughout the years I'm working here. It was trully a great experience being part of the team members, and God knows how grateful I am to be able to know each and every one of you. I would also like to sincerely apologize if I had offended anyone of you in anyway during our interactions and job executions. 

I wish all of you the very best and continued success in life and Wish you guys have a Enjoyable moment of April Fool Day~!

Best Regards,
Axxxx Sxxx xxxry

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mama Roti

aku baru abeh makan mama roti..padahal baru ja lepas lunch kat umah maksu aku..melantak lagii..aiyomaa..
sepanjang minggu yang light2..tak dak apa yg menarik melainkan kerja2 aku yang best..padahai jobless..
hujan masyaallah..lebat hari2 kat kulim..memang best. sapa mai dok kulim, tak payah la dok pasang ekon segala benda..sejuk saja..malam lagila sejuk..spring katanya..bunga2 cinta diluaq romah..mampos..haha..
hujung minggu, aku vrooom pi penang island..dalam kepala dah set nak buat apa..nombot satu pi beli pencoci muka..nombot 2 shop till i drop..merentas penang bridge dikala hujan mencurah2.rajen plak aku keluaq time2 hari hujan..aku masuk kedai kappaaa..apa lagi, ada baju bekenan dihati, hangkot ja 2 lai baju..masuk topshop, hangkot lagi 2 lai baju sama jeans..masuk gap, ingat nak hangkot jugak tapi ramai sangat manusia..ada clearance sale..hilang mood..dah la hangat satu hal dalam gap..aku blah buat bodo..yang penting aku dah berangkot beberapa lai..sudah la..lama x membeli..
Rambut dah panjang..pi gunting rambot..selalu gunting 8 hengget saja..aiyoyo, kali ni 20 kat atas shopping complex katanya..siap jamu ayaq teh lagi..kalau dia hidang cheese cake ka, haruih next time aku pi lagi..kekekke...mengantuk ni..zzzzzz..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easy Come, Easy Go..

Email kat bawah ni bagi satu rangsangan aku untuk terus bekerja dan rasa seronok dan seronok lagi untuk kerja...manglish email...copied from youtube katanya..enjoy!! ( Baca dari bawah naik atas lagi syok kot)

But bila I baca balik 2-3 kali email you, still rasa tak puas hati.. sebab I tak nampak apa yang berlaku! and I tak mau buat decision yang I tak should have plan.. actually ada plan ka or belum ada plan..if you kata it’s about timing, so, I will make my decision ikut masa about that..
Everyone plays a role and wouldn’t work if either one of you guys do not fit into the master plan – what is our current master plan? Cannot disclose?
I tak buat decision based on the arrival of XXXXX at all. I am seeking info to make my decision.
Or, is it dah ada pon direction but you just wanna make me feel good by giving this two options! Sorry ayat tak berapa baik..a lot of questions pop up when you are clinging on nothing..
The reason I discussed with you first is so that you have the choice instead of I decide for you as I believe you have earned that.  Since you have done an excellent job in media management (do not bring up increment issue!), XXXX and I think you are the best candidate to tackle the next challenging portfolio. à I hate this. Because ayat ni dah berulang banyak kali( dah bosan) and nothing happen..i don’t care! Still want to bring up increment issue!
Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:47 PM
Subject: RE: My options are still open.
Sekolah kebangsaan sungai XXXX
You memang selalu bagi ayat power. Itu memang tak dapat disangkal! Rasa macam nak tangkap londeh seluaq pon ada..

Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:44 PM
Subject: RE: My options are still open.

Memang byk kerja….tapi untuk my guys I will always have time (ayat power J).
Nothing to do with privacy actually but more to do about timing.….
Ni sekolah mana...unofficially?


Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:33 PM
Subject: RE: My options are still open.

Thank you for the very long explanation (Nampak sangat tak dak kerja!). I like it!  Even some of the questions were not answered, I still respect the privacy of yours. No worries. Unofficially declared : I choose UHF!
Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 11:53 AM
Subject: RE: My options are still open.

Good to know that you really thought about it. Unfortunately at this moment I can’t fully disclose all the information yet. You will understand when the time comes (not related to you in case you over analyze it – yes I know you well).
The important thing is do not make your decision based on the arrival of XXXXX. She is hired for a reason and her experience in project management will be helpful to our team which you might think unnecessary at this moment. Basically her task and your task will be totally different - senior or not! I hired you guys for a reason and according to my vision of my ideal team – remember I picked you guys individually. Everyone plays a role and wouldn’t work if either one of you guys do not fit into the master plan.
I think I have built my team as all-rounder although some might think it is a bit kejam or unfair but that is how I learn things so far which is beneficial in the long run( future job). Of coz each of you will manage a portfolio so our team is more structured. There is no other way to do this. Imagine all of you are doing bits of this and that for all the customers.
The reason I discussed with you first is so that you have the choice instead of I decide for you as I believe you have earned that.  Since you have done an excellent job in media management (do not bring up increment issue!), XXXX and I think you are the best candidate to tackle the next challenging portfolio. Again nothing to do with the new hires.
The statement of “  XXXX, I will have 2 more month to go”  is not in Rancangan Malaysia Ke 12 so do not worry about this. You will know when my time is up. I have been very open with you guys and will always be. I never play favoritism game and if you feel  I have pls let me know. Media management portfolio is almost completed so it is natural you move to another portfolio to keep your momentum going. If not, you will feel bored ( I will!) and start to look for other job. Look at it this way…if you guys do not have project anymore…than how am I going to survive too?
Furthermore, the direction of the company is heading more towards UHF and ticketing, so these 2 will be the biggest portfolios for us. Yet you still made it sound that I am sending you to the Alcatraz! J
So the choice is yours…and you have to trust me time( scary isn’t ?)….but eventually you will understand.

P/S: pls keep this confidential.


Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 8:40 AM
Subject: My options are still open.
Importance: High

Hallo TX,
I am not a very good person to express myself while talking. So, I will write what I feel. This is much more easier. I will hit you from different angles.
What is your current agenda/plan for our existing team? So from here, I can choose my path accordingly. If not, I cannot see a very clear picture.
Why are you guys hiring one more ppl if you guys already knew that media management will be XXXX soon? I know management can move their staff anytime for the company’s sake and also for the staff to gain more knowledge. But I need clarifications. So that, I can understand more.
What if I choose ticketing? What will happen to the new hire? Are you expecting 2 in a box? If you are not expecting 2 in a box, what is your plan? If you are planning to make me all rounder (media management, ticketing, etc), why don’t you make it to everybody? So it will be fair and square. Because, in the future, ticketing will also finish, and UHF also will be the same. What say you? If everybody becomes all-rounder, then there is no reason for us to say, “This is not my task, I am not the one who handle this.., I can loafing around since there is no more task for me out there”.  If all of us are all-rounder, staff will always have things to do and don’t even have time to read newspaper, facebook, comics and acting like they have works to do!  ( Asal kerja siap sudah..i tak kisah you nak buat apa). As for me, kerja tak akan pernah siap actually, it’s all about how you handle your kerja and sincere with your kerja. If dah siap, then look for other things to do (kerja dekat lab pon bersepah). So if let say there is no specialization (media management, UHF, ticketing) in work, so of cause there a lot more things to do out there.  Correct me if I am wrong. This is my opinion.
Or is it because our new hire is XXXXXX, so she does not suitable for this task which is only handled by XXXXXX? Talk about position grade, in my opinion, it will be great to have  job expectation based on position grade. By creating this job expectation it will help you and staff during focal/ performance review. The higher grade you are, the higher expectation it will be.  So it will be fair again, especially for the wages/salary we have (I know you know better).  Think more! Unless, position grade does not mean anything in this company, all the questions/suggestion above can be voided!
I ask this kind of question because I don’t hate my boss.  And I will always avoid the 3rd option until my boss say “ XXXX, I will have 2 more month to go ..” you shud tell me even earlier that that, so that I can be an active jobseeker again..hahahhaha…
That’s about it. All these questions are playing in my mind now. Be transparent so that everyone is happy. You know my style already I guess...i am absorbing some of your style in time. I am sorry if all these questions really make you uncomfortable. Happy working J .

Sunday, March 13, 2011